North Haven Receives SOLaware™ Sun Safety Education System at Middle School Athletic Fields

Pictured: The SOLaware™ Display at North Haven Middle School. 

July 16, 2018

North Haven, CT – July 16, 2018 – On July 12, SOLaware™ Technologies presented its second SOLaware™ Display to North Haven, CT, as part of its 2018 Summer Pilot Program. The SOLaware™ Display was placed at the North Haven Middle School Athletic Fields, and will serve to inform, educate, and protect student athletes, parents, and spectators.

The SOLaware™ Display is a modular system that combines an informational real-time UV index, an educational board with sun damage prevention information, and optionally a sunscreen dispenser for on-the-spot access to sun protection. The device’s primary function is to inform passerby of the local UV conditions, and the amount of time on average it would take for a person to experience sun damage without sun protection at the current location.

The display at the North Haven Middle School Athletic Fields is sponsored by the North Haven Department of Community Services and Recreation. Director of Field Operations, Victor Palma, stated: “The SOLaware™ Display will be a great tool for student athletes and families to learn more about sun safety. It is absolutely a great tool that other communities should consider, as it is especially helpful for parents to protect their children from sun damage and over-exposure to the sun.”

North Haven received its first SOLaware™ Display, installed on the North Haven Town Green, in the beginning of June with the support of First Selectman, Michael J. Freda. The Display is visible to the many attendees of the town’s Tuesday evening “Music Under the Stars” summer concert series; and will help concert-goers to be more aware of the lingering UV presence in the early evenings, and the preventative steps they can take to protect their skin from sun damage.

SOLaware™ Technologies team member Kevin Rivas, Mechanical Engineering 19’, University of New Haven stated: “The difference between North Haven and some of the other local communities with SOLaware Displays is that the devices aren’t located at a beach or pool – in North Haven, we’re able to educate students and families that may not necessarily consider the possibility of sun damage when walking on the Town Green or the athletic fields. These displays are a great way to educate residents that the UV levels may be dangerous, even when they are not relaxing on a beach.”

Currently, SOLaware™ Displays can be also found informing residents of the local UV levels in Darien, Wallingford, and Middletown. The Pilot is still open to local business and governments.


About SOLaware™ Technologies: 

SOLaware™ Technologies was started at the Quinnipiac University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship with the mission to “Raise awareness about sun exposure via digital technologies™.” Their first product, the SOLaware™ Display, is a modular sun safety education system that informs about local UV level, educates about preventative steps, and provides protection through access to sun screen. The Displays are leased to local businesses and governments to help lower the risks of sunburns and skin cancer in their communities.

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